Craps in vietnam

Lidvall 19-Oct-2007 21:23 Thank You Tom, for this fantastic Journey.I am so very interested in ANY information you or your guests may have on the subject.Misssion was looking for and clearing possibly booby trapped floating debris.

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Tom LeRoy 12-Jan-2011 06:28 Tom, This really brings back many memories Wonderful compilation V.Actually, apart from the photos with an obvious military presence, you would be surprised how similar Vietnam looks today, particular outside the city-centers.Well thanks I remember my time in Vietnam.On day I been back.Romatti 27-Oct-2009 13:25 Thank you for sharing these images and descriptions.

I did get sent out to the jungle a few times to gather stories about the individual GIs.

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Glad you are safe and enjoying the passion of photgraphy.take care and have a nice days ahead.

Your photos bring me back to the time when I was living in Saigon.NOTE FROM WEBMASTER: Page under construction! I found three additional incidents of "Field Refusals" by Americal units (Co.A/3rdBn/21st Inf Regt/196th Inf Bde on 24.

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Jeremy 28-Oct-2007 08:02 This is a fantastic gallery, thank you for sharing it.Thank you so much for sharing those precious pics abt my motherland.If anyone was there during those months I would love to know if they saw our show.

ELECTRICITY OF VIETNAM. Land for shortL daLy craps. di b LOc An kng 7.R |E CE ARE nng Dat d i far toa c An c.You guys are my heroes and you all hold a very special place in my heart. (US Army, 82nd Airborne).

We visited a city under siege, went to the commissary at the Rex a week after it was bombed.The memory seems so long ago and the scenes look like they are from a Hollywood movie now, but I am sure it was as real and tense as it could get at the time.

I think there is a Family Medical branch there as well, butask around for other options as well.Enjoyed so much seeing these photographs of Saigon and they brought back many memories.Ali Majdfar 06-May-2007 11:50 Spectacular collection, thanks for sharing.

I was stationed in the Delta in Bear Cat, Long Bin, and Vung Tau.I cherished the images of my Sai Gon, The Sai Gon before 1975.I love to see pictures of where I am from and I will share it with my folks.My dad was in the VN war and I have learn and hear so much about the country.

Arthur Lebacq 22-Mar-2016 14:40 A well documented and impressive collection with interesting and touching shots.great work.With your experiences in Vietnam you got a much better look at the conflict than most soldiers did.To experience first hand the horrors of the war, to see our boys, so brave, changed my life forever.He received a Bronze Star for his heroism on the day he died.Its strange though how everyday street scenes have changed so little in the past 40 years.Tom Cagle 13-Nov-2009 13:47 Great gallery Tom, I spent 1966 with the Navy over there delivering ammo up and down the coast.Yukio 02-Aug-2007 14:28 Great collection of memory, your work is superb.

To the best of my recollection the outfit was headquarted on Route 1 just north of Saigon and close to the highway.Jola Dziubinska 03-May-2014 17:49 A very special gallery Tom, great documentary keepsakes. V.Zeev Parush 11-Aug-2007 17:30 I find this gallery very intresting. thanks for sharing.