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Large Bright Light. ((NUFORC Note: Jupiter is quite prominent in the southern sky, currently.

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My friends, and I were out for lunch when we saw three triangle shaped lights beaming at a very low altitude.The object moved left to right very slowly, closed to the ground with lights flashing like strobes.

Bright green fiery object with bent tail of fire speedily descending altitude vertically then in an arc from due south toward southwest.A hovering triangular craft, 2 red lights (one blinking) and 1 white light.Update to previous report of orange lights sighted in western Arkansas.

Complete Holiday Inn Express Map. Find all kinds of beds near you. Amenities, maps, truck stops, rest areas, Wal-mart and casino parking, low clearances and.Use the column on the right to find restaurants, things to do and nightlife near Super 8 Blytheville. You can also choose another hotel around the same location or.Sixties mass sighiting in Fort Smith recounted by military pilot witness.Round light appeared to be surrounded by fog, approaced from south neaded NNE, changed speed, then turned sharply west.Unidentified objects witnessed by hundreds over Fort Smith Arkansas.In approximately three seconds it disappeared behind a cloud.Moving,blue star-like object changes to bright yellow, going form north to south.

I was coming home from a freinds house because I had to do a school project.Very bright red, green, white lights traveling south in an erratic manner directly over Hicks Creek.It was late afternoon in Ashdown AR when a cigar-like craft appeared in the sky.Virtuelle spillemaskiner udbydes af stort set alle online casinoer, der har gjort dette den mest populære form for online casino gameplay. De er også en masse sjov.My brother Jim whom is retired Air Force, thought he was showing me the north star, I went and got some binoculars and that is when we.

It was a very large red ball, no other lights, it looked like it was feeding.Big white light, then smaller red lights seen in the eastern sky that should not have been there and then vanished.Complete aeronautical information about Blytheville Municipal Airport (Blytheville, AR, USA), including location, runways, taxiways, navaids, radio.

Saw small craft with white, blue, and red blinking lights hovering in one area then saw a triangle craft with light sound fly from mili.Blytheville AR hotels and motels complete with traveler reviews, maps, and rates from major hotel chains.Shiny triangle craft with dim lights flying just above tree tops.

The object did not look anything like a hilocopter or airplane.never seen anything like it before.A glowing white orb that changed to a barbell and back to an orb.Discount hotels near Arkansas Northeastern College, Blytheville (AR). SAVE UP TO 75% OFF hotels near Colleges and Universities in Blytheville (AR). Rates from USD $38.On October 27, 2003 was heading home from seeing friends in Hot Springs Village which is 8 miles Northeast of Hot Springs, AR.Sporatic, flare-like, orange lights lasting for 2-3 seconds at an azimuth of roughly 240 to 250 degrees at an altitude of 10 to 20 degr.

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It happened early to mid 70s it was a warm evening, right before dark. ((anonymous report)).Satellite-like light was seen moving in various directions at a high rate of speed.The moon was covered by a very strange shaped shadow, eclipsing the moon for at least 40 minutes.Object seen straight overhead -followed to horizon. 6:14pm Arkansas.Green lights above West Little Rock. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes.

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My daughter and I were driving on the highway one evening when I saw a huge object just above business buildings--it looked as if it wa.

Triangular arrangements of lights appearing to begin to land on freeway, miltary-ish cars mobilze around it.Extremely large with large bright strobe lights hovering just above the horizon, disappearing instantly.White lights race through the sky in clear daylight, fighters in persuit.

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Apparently intelligently controled objects spotted in Pocahontas Arkansas.White Capsule (pill) shaped object, low altitude, slow speed, no sound.