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Fasteners And Products Catalogue. Metric Bolts Sizes. Socket Product • 1 1/2 - 6 • 1 1/4 - 7. •T Slot Bolts •Elevator Bolts.

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Stainless Steel Coach Bolt M10 x 110. Stainless Steel Coach Bolt. Pack Size Price Quantity; Code 88652.

Yukon (YSPBLT-063) Standard Open/Gov-Loc M10 x 1.5 Thread Cross Pin Bolt for GM 9.5"/9.25" IFS Differential in Differential Assembly Kits.A flat head screw, or bolt, is a type of fastener characterized by a drive head that is flat or horizontal and includes a slot or phillips drive feature.Our range of nuts include hex, nyloc, plow, slotted, castleated, wing, nylon in a variety of materials including steel, brass and stainless steel.Home » Self Locking Speed Nuts » Palnut Regular Type Lock Nuts. Metric Bolt Retainers;. RIV-FLOAT® Metric Sizes Small Flange Series.The general size of a screw is given. the decline because the screwdriver slips out of the slot,. a tapped screw while sheet-metal screws have mainly a.Stainless Steel Blind Bolt Design to BS EN 1993. Diameter: Tension Resistance F t,Rd (kN) Shear Resistance Over Thread P v,Rd, thread(kN) Shear Resistance.Hex Nuts » Metric, UNC & UNF Lock Nuts. Metric PC4.6 Bolts & Nuts Metric PC4.6 Set Screws BSW G2 Bolts & Nuts. Countersunk Slot Metal Threads G304 & G316.

The best way to use this section of the web site is to first determine the size screw you need. Click the corresponding button above to view all of the available...Learn how to order metric screws, bolts & machine screws with our Metric to SAE/SAE to Metric conversion information & thread pitch charts. ORDERING METRIC SIZES.Mechanical Anchoring Systems HSL-3 Heavy-duty Expansion Anchor 3. blank-bolt G-stud B-torque cap Metric thread size (mm);. 3.3.2 HSL-3 Heavy-duty Expansion Anchor.CAD Download Link Part Number Thread Size A B C D E F G H Wt. (lbs) 44101.

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M6 M8 M10 304 Stainless T Bolts for T-Slot T Head Slot Bolt hammer head Screw - $0.99. M6 * 30 (thread diameter 6mm head size below the length of 30mm).

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Metric, Flat Head Socket Cap Screws, Class 10.9,. **Head angle is 90º +2/-0 degrees for sizes M3 through M20 and 60º +2/-0 degrees for sizes M22 and larger.Most screw fasteners can do. be torqued by an internal Hex, Allen, slot, Torx,. The depth from surface to bottom of bolt. Thread Size vs Spanner.We also offer T-slot tables and plates as well as surface plates. nuts and washers > DIN 787 Bolts for T-slots complete with nut and washer > T-slot bolt size M10.Nut (hardware) This article needs. as well as bolt. they are occasionally used in some situations when a maximum amount of torque and grip is needed for a given.

A few fastener types, including set screws and some anchors, do not have a head and the head property. To shorten metric sizes many people use a capital M in.

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070-104 M10 x 10 x 40 30 9.7 15 6 1. T-Slot Bolts DIN 787 METRIC T-Slot Nuts DIN 508 B352 Metric Métrique *Sizes not included in DIN Standard. 13 Feb 04. Title.

T-Slot Bolts outlast T-Bolts in wearability in most applications.Home Plastic Screws, Bolts, Threaded Rod and Machined Metal Fasteners Plastic Screws,. Some of the types of screws (in both standard and metric sizes).Slotted Grub Screws in sizes M4 to M10 only. Slotted Thumb Screws in sizes M3 to M6 only. Flat head not available in size M6x30. Technical data on page 114.Hex Nuts » Metric Nyloc Nuts. Metric PC4.6 Bolts & Nuts Metric PC4.6 Set Screws BSW G2 Bolts & Nuts BSW G2 Set Screws. Cheese Slot Metal Threads G304 & G316.All about screws:. write the number of threads per inch after the nomimal size, whereas metric designations write 1 / threads_per_inch after the nominal size.

Unbrako is one of largest high-tensile. almost 4 times the size. A complete range of Unbrako stainless steel fasteners including socket head screws,.SIZE Quantity: Click image for details: ARP m10-1.50 HEX STAINLESS STEEL FLANGE BOLT Product ID: 0542 Description: ARP m10-1. ARP m10-1.25 HEX STAINLESS STEEL.Lock Bolts: BobTail, C50L, C6L, C120L, HP8, Huck-Fit, Huck-Spin (Small diameter), Hucktainer, Magna-Grip, Metric Huck-Fit. on Huck® lock bolts (Huck.Metric Fasteners All dimensions. 934 4032 Hex Nuts, Style 1, Class 6, 8 (some sizes), 10 (some sizes) 934K K-Lock Nuts,. Self-Tapping Screws METRIC Pan Heads.